Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Blog's Focus

Although the starting premise for this blog was the Class of 1963, it soon became evident that there were not enough of us "out there" looking around for our former selves and old friends.  So, I broadened the scope to include adjacent classes, starting with the Class of 1961 who were starting to gather information about themselves.  Good response from that class led to my opening selected contacts with 1962, 1964, and 1965 grads I had either known or had observed as being active within their own classes as others started using the net to share and make connections.

Those in the adjacent classes have made some of the best contributions to this 1963 blog...they knew us, but from a different perspective than our own.  Of course we had our own view of them, too.

1961s.  Seniors when we were Sophomores.  The older kids, and bigger...something you surely noticed if you played sports.

1962s.  The next class just ahead of us.  They were loaded with beauties having great personalities.  Several of their best took ol' Gus (a little bit) under their wings and contributed a great deal to making Sophomore Gus somewhat less miserable than he would have otherwise been.  I hated Sophomore year.

1964s.  The class just behind us.  A quiet class, not many of them were standouts in my mind except for their general appearances of competency.  There were a few beauties in that class that caught ol' Gus' eye.

1965s.  The little kids in our memories.  We don't think of them as the 65-year old geezers they are today.  They seem to be pretty active with one another and have accepted ol' Gus into their circle as an observer.  This class had a number of good lookin' gals, too.  And a couple of them even gave ol' Gus a little smooch....a long time ago, but not forgotten.

Initially, this blog posed a challenge in how to rationalize the youngsters I recall in my memory with the senior citizens we are now.  For those who have provided feedback, I've been able to gain confidence that my focus is generally good and inoffensive...which is as I intend it. 

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