Friday, October 19, 2012

Operation Crossroads - 1946

We've seen this picture published in magazines, books, and elsewhere all our lives.  Bet you've never seen one this large and clear.  I haven't .... good Lord !  And they got bigger after this one !

These bombs have been sitting in our cupboard over 66-years...wonder if those desperadoes in north Africa have a clue?  Pretty sure Saddam didn't.

Take a close look, it's a big file.  There are 2 large ships in the foreground; both of them, I think are Battleships, perhaps 800' long.  Four obsolete battlewaggons were assigned to this duty that day.

Our national concern over the nuclear threat probably originated shortly after WWII when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were detonated.  Almost immediately after WWII ended, we were engaged in the Cold War with Russia that first manifested itself with the Berlin Blockade.  Russia detonated its first bomb in August 1949.  Not sure when all the schools in the USA started their air raid drills, but I recall jumping under my desk in the 1st grade near Wright Patterson AFB, 1951-52.  Don't recall we did it after that when I started school in Texas.  It looked about like this...not sure it would have done much good:


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