Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Highlander Majorettes

1962-1963 Majorettes

Had an amusing exchange with another Highlander recently when the subject of one or two majorettes came up.  Between us, we have almost 100-years of living beyond our EHHS days.  Yet, when the subject of our favorite Majorette surfaced, each of us picked one we remembered, and each of us clearly recalled them both.  Ladies, you made a lasting impression on a lot of people.  Thanks to all of you.

Recordings of a 1962 pep rally where they were on stage (IIRC) can be reached and heard from THIS PAGE.

 1961 - 1962 Majorettes 

1960 - 1961 Majorettes

1959 - 1960 Majorettes

1964 - 1965 Majorettes

(for the Google search tool:  Christy Hawrylak, Christy Brown, Debby Bryan, Cheryl Ferguson, Kay Smith, Sandra Worsham, Jeanette Bunton, Paula Van Pelt, Genice Sargent, Vicki Reas, Pam Shear, Lanelle Cheslock, Cheryl Gant, Judy Stevenson, Tommy Gandy.)

1959 - 1960 Meadowbrook Majorettes

Remerciez heaven de jolies filles.

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