Sunday, August 19, 2012


The CLAN was our school yearbook that came out sometime during the summer, after it having been worked on for the entire school year.  The job of getting it together involved mostly layout editing, photo selection, and copy writing.  It also required advanced planning to accommodate future activities that would take place throughout the year.


 The TARTAN was our school newspaper which was published about twice each month.  It generally consisted of 4-6 pages and covered news, opinion, sports, and social topics.

Staff for the TARTAN was chosen by the sponsor, Mrs. Ruth Priddy, one of the Senior English teachers.  I think interested Highlanders had to apply for the spots in the class and there may have been some recruiting as well.  Everyone I see in these pictures were among our top students or in a few cases may have possessed some useful journeyman skills.

The class met daily and was somewhat unstructured, allowing the youngsters to set their own goals and go about achieving them as they chose.  The photographers job was a real lark…wander around the school looking for pictures to snap.  It also provided latitude for some hi-jinx.  Otherwise, as long as the writers met their deadlines and the editors and layout staff met theirs, everything flowed along relatively well.

 At the end of the year a number of the students who had worked on the student publications were singled out for the Tartan-Clan Award.  I have no idea what the criteria was.

Gus Note:  If some of you folks are reading along and/or in contact with some of these other folks, you should know that Gus is aware of several instances of things you should not have done when putting your part of these publications together.  If you want to come clean at this late date, Gus is willing to hear your explanations or stories.  If not, Gus has taken further action on this matter under advisement and is considering full disclosure !  Uh-Oh.






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