Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls & Ladies Fashion Evolution

Been bouncing around some chat in a Facebook group focused on history of our times when someone put this picture up for comment.  The time was just a few years after we left EHHS.  My comment:  

Well, if I were to pick just one golden moment in the sixties, this glorious style would be it. You ladies are quick to condemn us guys as perverts for (uncontrollably) displaying some of our genetic traits...but you must keep in mind that we didn't invent it. The following picture illustrates that the interest has been around for quite awhile. After grinning, can you identify the bad boy?

Taking the thought a little further, recall that I wrote a piece some time back that dealt with the very conservative dress our young ladies wore to EHShown below is a c.1962 group picture from a CLAN yearbook showing school dress of that time.  Following on down the stack are similar pictures of similar aged young ladies all the way back to 1926.  Quite an evolution, isn't it?  And what fun.

Ans:  Joe Willie Namath

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