Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Pep Rally

In 1962 Band Director, Ronnie Martin, arranged to have a recording made of a selection of musical arrangements played by the EHHS band. As a part of this project, on October 26, 1962, a recording of that week's Pep Rally was made also. The game that week was against the Carter Riverside Eagles, which fell to the mighty Highlanders, 8-0....surprised the heck out of a lot of us since we weren't supposed to win that one.  However, it gave us the notion that we really might be able to compete in the 4A-5 Ft. Worth city district.

Carter was the game Roby Morris uncorked his 94-yard punt that set a Texas high school record that probably lasts to this day.  I think for a few decades it tied the SWC college record.  It was a hell of a punt that flew about 40 or so yards in the air, then hit the hard, hard ground on its nose and took off like a shot, rolling end over end the rest of the way.  The poor soul who chased it all that way and kept it from going into the end zone is the author of these words and he was exhausted after that play.

A 33-1/3 rpm record of the musical numbers and the pep rally was sold to the students. Recordings on this page were taken from one of those records, now nearly 50-years old. It's a little jumpy, but if you were there, you will likely recall some of this. If not, know this was typical of each week's pep rally...there was a lot of cheering and spirit in support of the Highlander football team that year. 

Voices heard on the recording are Head Coach George Mitcham, Principal Roy Johnson, teacher Bill Polson, team captain Sam Scott, cheerleaders Charlie ("Hit it") Rigby and others.

Note 1:  Originals a little jumpy...but then again, many of us are a little jumpy now, too.

Note 2:  Friday.  Host player may be a 2-step process, depending on how your computer is set up.  The final window is the player and it is loading slowly at this time, so be patient.  If you are impatient, yet want to hear some of these cuts, go to the Pep Rally first.  It contains much of the music as well as the cheers and speeches.  It's a kick, if you're patient.  

The Bands of Eastern Hills High School, Fort Worth, Texas,
Conducted by Ronald E Martin

1.         Pep Rally recorded October 26, 1962. George Mitcham, Roy Johnson, Sam Scott, Bill Polson

2.         Highlander

3.         Highlander Blues- Larry Harrison, Warren Koch, George Garcia, Paul Tate

4.         Bill Bailey

6.         Alma Mater

8.         Trumpet Boogie – trumpet section

9.         Overture to“Gypsy” – stage band

10.       Lowlander - Paul Tate, Glen Lacy, Mike Talmage, Vicki Reas

11.       Memories of You

12.       Copley Square- Vicki Reas, Warren Koch

Original recording by Century Custom Recording Studio,
John Stewart, Fort Worth, Texas

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