Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1963 EHHS Highlander Graduating Class

And here we were...best of the bunch, right gang?  298 of us shown in these pictures; our program shows 315 IIRC.
Links to other early sixties senior classes:



Subandera said...

my brother was Ray Avery. He passed away several years ago (2003)Is ther eany way you could get me some of his undergrad pics and sports (football) pics?

Gus said...

I was very sorry to learn of Ray's passing. He was one of my favorite teammates and together with your Dad, two real jewels of my early life.

Certainly can help you with some early pictures and would like for you to help me with a later one or two of Ray. I like to write a tribute piece in the blog for some of my school favorites and show them as EH kids, another about mid-life in their 40s and a late-life elder picture where we all are now.

Contact me directly using the email address that shows in the "Contact Me" button at the top right of the blog sidebar.