Friday, June 08, 2012

1960 Eastern Hills Highlanders - First Graduating Class

Although most of us didn't know these 148 former students as they graduated the year before we got there, I thought some readers might be interested in seeing the 1960 Clan senior pages. They were scanned and posted to the net a few years ago, but I haven't seen them in recent years. It's likely that some of these seniors were some of our older sisters, brothers, or boyfriends.

Links to other early sixties senior classes:

(Note: The Eastern Hills High School- class of 1960 celebrated their 50th Reunion in October 2010 -visit their 50th Reunion Web Site)

I need a scan copy of one of your Graduation Programs....anyone have a copy to share?

In his reunion bio, George Bradford (Class of 1960) left a fine description of his (our) times at EHHS.

"The Lord has shown favor on me my entire life. To be able to grow up in the time in which we did and go to Handley and Eastern Hills and have the friends I have is just the greatest. As Archie Bunker says – “Those Were The Days”.
"Just think about it. There was no war, we had TV and refrigerated air conditioning was coming in. I counted the number of Kids at Handley when we were juniors and there were 60 of us 30 boys and 30 girls. My only worry was how was I going to get off campus to go to lunch. To be able to go to a brand new high school was something that could only happen once at Eastern Hills. I thought that we had the best looking girls in Fort Worth and I was right.
"We had it all. I would not trade those times for anything."

Bless you, Highlander (George - one of the good ones)

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The Eastern Hills High School- class of 1960 are celebrating their 50th Reunion in October 2010 -visit their Reunion Web Site.