Sunday, June 10, 2012

1962 EHHS Highlander Graduating Class

Here you go '62s...Gus' gift to you 1962 Highlanders, all 274 of you in these pictures.

However, know that Gus is mildly irked.  Gus expected you to do this work yourself and send this high quality result for Gus to publish which is much easier than this was. 

O.K. '62s, you were only there once, and you will only be here once, step it up, you ain't that old yet,   (Gus still needs a scan of your 1962 Graduation Program):

Links to other early sixties senior classes:

You're welcome.


Jim said...

Thanks, you have done a great service Gus. If we had had the energy we may have done it.... respect your elders.

Gus said...

Respect 'em hell, Jim...I've been poking them in the butt all my life. No worries, Jim. Didn't take long and I was mobilized at the time.

love&lollipops said...

Thanks so VERY MUCH, Gus, for all your hard work getting this done for is really appreciated! Bless you!

Carrie said...

I happened upon this site and decided to seek out my uncle. I'm almost certain that he graduated in 1962 (within a year if not.) but, I don't see his photo from the year book. I'm looking for John Marshall Yeatts.

Gus said...

His picture is in the Soph class of the 1950 CLAN and he is listed as having graduated with the 1962 class. No idea why his senior picture wasn't published.