Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Line - Search Engines

Communications technology has been racing so quickly for the past 15-years I wanted to try and find a simple graphical representation of what has transpired.  It's not easy to find and the interrelation of several technologies, each dependent on the other further frustrate simplification.

I went online about 1996 and thanks to the WSJ technology section found Google almost from its inception.  Before Google, was a gaggle of other search engines available but none of them really did a good job finding what you wanted.  If I recall correctly, the early search engine algorithms were heavily influenced on who was paying off whom.  Google was touted from its beginning as being free from that and so it seemed.

Everything in those days was dial was several years before broadband would become widely available, so searching was slow and tedious, made even more so if you had to fight a slanted search engine.  Anyway this time line shows the sequence various services came online.


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