Monday, September 27, 2010

Send in the Clowns

This kind of silliness might have been funny to me back in the 1968 Laugh-In days when Goldie, Artie, and the others were doing their thing on TV.  Now, it just seems sad that our decaying society tolerates the nonsense in our halls of government.  We have been putting those kinds of people in office for many years now.

  A few postings back I mentioned the thought that if you elect clowns then you should expect to get a circus...and we got a circus this past Friday.  In his testimony, presumably to be on the topic of migrant farm workers, Mr. Colbert, an artist at what he does, made a mockery of our House Judiciary Committee, and by extension, us.  There are 40 people on that committee, each one representing about 640,000 of our fellow citizens--about 25,000,000 people altogether.  Twenty-four (24) of the 40 are Democratics--it was their show.  A few of them are assembled in the collage at right...some familiar faces there.

Those of us having a conservative nature have been quietly observing the degradation of so many of our society's structures that even after having grown up in the sixties when silliness was abundant, and Vietnam service killed 58,000 of our brothers, we are concerned about the future for our own families.  Maybe it's a good sign when NBC and CNN fired their CEOs over the past weekend and the cartoonists reappear to skewer those who need skewering.

But I'm wary.  The serious business of the day Friday was the testimony of Christopher Coates, a second former Justice Department attorney, that took place before the Civil Rights Division.  It had to do with reverse discrimination and centered on voting irregularities experienced in Philadelphia in 2008.  The Colbert circus did a pretty good job of burying that story.  Think it was planned that way...h-m-m?

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