Thursday, September 16, 2010

John Warren Southard - J.W. - Jay

J.W., we only knew him as J. W. although he was known as "Jay" after he grew up, was one of our gentle giants; a tall, powerful kid, standing about 6’4” he was larger than Bobby Keener and Steve Means, two of our best athletes.  Although we played on several of the same teams, for some reason J. W. was one of those kids who never quite played up to his athletic potential.  He was one of the more promising football prospects early-on, but after playing on McBee’s Rinky Dinks JV team as a Sophomore, didn’t play football beyond that.  He may have been injured, I don’t know.

He switched to basketball, played on the JV basketball team as a junior, and earned a varsity letter as a senior center.  He was active in the R.O.T.C. but I don't know if he served in the military.  I wasn’t too close to him, but considered J. W. to be one of the good guys.  He worked with the Ft. Worth Police Department for 40-years.  Jay passed away at 63, March 2008.

God bless you my friend

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