Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hairstyles 1954 – 2010

Today, I was thinking some about the FBG.  Have I previously said that I don’t like them?  I wondered if anything could be inferred from a periodic superficial examination of attractive women’s hairstyles over a half-century.  Not sure what I expected to find, but I did recall some weird hairstyles in the early to mid 1980s.  Interestingly, it was difficult to find any clear examples of the images I pictured in my mind. 

I saw most of them in the airports as I was traveling quite a bit in those years. They were the first wave of professional women I had seen doing what men had been doing for decades...dragging their ass through a crowded airport, lugging too-heavy luggage, and rushing to make their connections because their incoming flights on the same carrier got them there late.  In my best chauvinistic character, I joked about them being market makers in stuffed bunnies...hold on...recall that they were the first of their kind I had seen in that venue.

There are a couple of the hairstyles I was looking for marked above within the green box.  Pictures of them are really difficult to find on the net.  Wonder if those images have been scrubbed?  Today, those women would be in the 45–55 age range; they were 20-30 then—they are the FBG.

Something stands out, do you see it?  Their hairstyles radically depart from those that preceded them and from those that followed.  I’ve chosen film icons as examples for two reasons; one, they influenced a portion of society at the time; and two, both their hairstyles and photographs were professionally done which aids the clarity of this example. 

Looks like we have mostly preferred ladies having long, straight hair sometimes with a gentle wave.  It was kind of fun putting this one together.


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