Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More Technology - More 5701 Shelton

Some of this technology is kind of neat, if often frustrating. However, it does provide an opportunity to find a certain picture to illustrate a thought. Odd to think that most of us lived within the borders of this picture. It seemed to be a much larger area then.

Speaking of 5701 Shelton, I visited its website last evening and was pleasantly pleased with its progress. The last time I had a look at it was a few years ago when the site was very rudimentary and of little interest. They have added quite a lot of content and developed a focus of sorts. They have also named some of us in their EHHS history sections. Since we were in the 4th graduating class, having started our tenure there in its 2nd year of operation, there is an incredibly long string of people that are named in the history lists following our own Clan members.

In many respects it doesn't seem that long ago. I recall reading the occasional article in the FWST that would refer to someone who had graduated from a Ft. Worth high school in the early 1950's and thinking how ancient they must have been by 1963 when I was reading about them. They would have been about 30 by '63 and I'm sure they would have been appalled to have been considered ancient by a 17-year old. But that's just one example of perspective. Wonder how a 17-year old would think of us today? Well, like grandparents, of course, as many of us are. Good grief.

I may put a link to the EHHS site in this blog sometime later. Some of their recounting of "history" seems to me to be a bit flawed. Since we were there when their history was being formed, it might be a useful project to help them get it right. However, for now I think I will let it be until we see how this thing goes.

The subject of history brings me to a couple of my next thoughts. The best teacher I knew at that school and genealogy. Both of those subjects involve history. Too bad the school didn't put their best resources in the history department. However, one of them was extraordinary.

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