Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tell Me Who They Are

Can you identify those marked with red numerals? Leave their names in a comment, thanks.

This is about 3/4 of our 1962 championship football team, send me a link if you know of any others that would fit here.


Anonymous said...

Is #2 in the top photo Coach Graves? I talked to him right about there not long after this photo must have been taken...I am in the photo with my back to the camera.

I sure appreciated Coach Graves making a show at the function. I was not in school sports, but Graves was an important (#1) teacher/coach of my high school days.

Bottom photo, top row green shirt is Coach Graves; center row far right Leo L.; bottom row with full beard is Sam Scott. I felt a friendship with each and feel fortunate to have known them in those times and permanent memories.

Of course, I figure you know who all of them are. Or you are trying to get our chatty group to speak out. I know for certain you have many who read here of years before ours, ours, and after us. I have seen EHHS ex's and Handley ex's which have mentioned your work here. Keep em coming.

Gus said...

Coach Graves was one of a kind...a little larger than his job as a high school coach and he brought an enthusiasm and zest for life I've rarely seen since. Thanks for the encouragement on the blog. Comments are always welcome and infrequently forthcoming. I keep several of these blogs going, each focused on a different subject and use them as a personal education tool to experiment with how to communicate in the open on the Net while maintaining personal privacy. One of the most amazing results from online activity has been the ability it provides to find those few people in this big world who can answer certain narrow questions.