Monday, December 05, 2011

Meadowbrook Elementary - Ft. Worth

A byproduct of seeking some specific class pictures from former pupils has been the observation that many of the old pictures were setup on the front steps. This recently discovered picture of the school clearly shows the steps on which so many of us stood to have our pictures taken.
The notion of time passing while place remains static is interesting to contemplate. I've done it while walking the banks of the James at Jamestown, while visiting the assembly room at Independence Hall, and at numerous ancient battlefields. In those places, there is a difference in the experience that depends on whether the place is simply a column of air atop a certain footprint on earth's surface, the structures and other evidences of man long gone. Or if the footprint is still occupied by some or all of the things those ancients saw, smelled, and felt. In this case, everything is still there....nearly 60-years on...

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