Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tree - 1928

Another highly detailed tree.  Note the toys and the unique solution to their problem of a too low hanging light fixture.  These are the Christmas trees of our parents' childhoods, if their families had enough money.


Anonymous said...

The reason the tree is all up in the middle of the light fixture hanging from the ceiling is because back in the 20's the 2-prong plug like we see on every electrical device now was not standard at that time. It was a screw in base the size of a standard light bulb. Initially houses were only wired with lighting taken into consideration. There were no wall outlets. So to get power to the Christmas lights you had to have a ceiling fixture or a wall sconce nearby to screw the plug into the socket.

Gus said...

Thanks...good information. Looks like a real fire hazard to me. I seem to recall seeing some very early pictures where the lighted tree decorations actually used small candles...the thought of it makes my hair stand on end.