Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tree - 1954

This wasn't ours, but it could have been for a few years.  Something was going on during the 1950s that I still haven't quite figured out.  My mother was trying to emulate the look she was undoubtedly seeing in the magazine fashion ads, my grandmothers draped their robust frames in unfashionable black or floral dresses, and we had a ton of old aunts (no uncles--think they had all died off by then) that we had to visit during the Christmas season. They were scattered all over the DFW area.  Our various families had migrated to Dallas by 1890-1915.

Several of our annual 1950s -1960s trees looked something like this one.  It was better with the green ones that had a good smell and in our family since EHHS, I have always brought in freshly-cut green trees, until recent years.  Let the kids do it now.  Gad, what a mess.

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Anonymous said...

I sure do miss having a flocked tree. The whole family would be sick by the time Christmas was over and we finally found out we were allergic to the trees! Once we got an artificial tree there was no problem. I still say before I die I would like to have any flocked real tree allergies or not. I thought they were so pretty.