Sunday, October 23, 2011

Miss Fort Worth 1963 & 1964

George Bradford (Class of 1960), probably said it best in his reunion bio, “…To be able to go to a brand new high school was something that could only happen once at Eastern Hills. I thought that we had the best looking girls in Fort Worth and I was right.” To tell the truth, I don’t recall if any ’62 or ’61 Highlanders competed in the Miss Ft. Worth contest or not, but I did stumble across these two pictures of the 1963 and 1964 contestants. Eastern Hills contributed 2 of the final 12 contestants in 1963 and 2 in 1964. They were Celia Beall, Susan Begley, Shelia Ward, and Sharon Parks. Susan finished second and I don’t recall how Celia, Sharon, and Shelia came out.

After we left EH for college, Judy Hill was named the 1965 Maid of Cotton and Pam Shear finished second in the Miss Mohair pageant. George Bradford had it right…we did share the EHHS hallways with some of the best looking girls in Ft. Worth.



Anonymous said...

Sharon Parks was also EHHS class of 1964 (in addition to Shelia Ward)

Gus said...

Thanks for the correction. Her name was familiar...should have done the look up.