Friday, October 07, 2011

Day the Music Died

Steve Jobs died recently and that’s a shame. The shame is that he only got 56-years; the blessing was that they were very good years. Our own Steve has been gone for 6-years now and he got 4-years more than did Steve Jobs. Just pondering….

The purpose of this posting is not to eulogize someone I didn’t know. Except for a project on the other side of the earth where an Apple computer was all that was available, I’ve not used any of his company’s products. The purpose of this posting is to suggest that when the music stops, one’s opportunity to sing along also stops. What does Gus mean?

Gus respectfully suggests that when he asks you to contribute a picture or scan of something for the Highlander blog he thinks you may have, maybe while the music is still playing, you could find a minute or two to send Gus what he requested. We’ve already gotten 11-more years than Steve Jobs got, so who knows how much longer we have? Could be a lot; could be lights out tomorrow.

What do you say? And for those of you who think no response is a legitimate response, let me suggest that it is not. It’s just bad-mannered.


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