Monday, October 10, 2011

1962 EHHS vs. Dallas Samuell Publicity

During the week leading up to the first foray EH made into the State football playoffs, the Star Telegram and Fort Worth Press writers and photographers spent quite a bit of time at the school gathering special interest stories and pictures. These are some of those pictures featuring some of the team players and lovely young ladies from our Senior and Junior classes.

Featured are Shelia Ward, Pam Shear, Mike Moore, Sam Scott, Jackie Howe, Tom Koebernick, Ted Harris, Mollie Howell, Julie Hudson, Susan Begley, Judy Hill, Phil Nixon, and Bill Winkler.

As one of the headlines shows, our strength was significantly cut by injuries. In addition to the loss of David Bane and Gene Cartwright, we also lost Ted Harris and Tom Koebernick at the corners and Sam Scott was weak, recovering from the flu. The final result was 0-7 which was a bit of a blessing, given the talent mismatch made worse by the injuries.


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