Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow & The Big Apple

Visits to NYC have always been a difficult thing for me. It’s just a hassle to get in and out and around. Hotel rooms are very expensive and timely transportation can be difficult. Good and reasonable food can be found but you have to look for it and planning a visit is time-consuming and necessary, if you aren’t very familiar with the place.

When a big snow event like this recent one hits during the Christmas holidays the place really goes into tilt because most of its working denizens are gone to somewhere else. So that leaves the second and third stringers scrambling to handle things and as we old footballers know, second and third stringers just aren’t the first string no matter how hard they try nor how good their intentions.

When things in NYC go to hell, the screaming begins, and so it has this week. The picture shows a local newspaper article reflecting the city officials attitude and a lot of lively retorts from locals. It’s amusing. The tow truck video shows one city worker trying to free a snow loader while he demolishes a SUV in the process. BTW, the SUV is a city vehicle, too.

Imagine what your winter visit would be this week if you had gone to the effort to go there. Few of the locals are there to serve, and fewer still want to be there.

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