Wednesday, December 22, 2010


And a Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog since finding it this year...well written, and I had many thoughts provoked by the recent communications series.

Most of my longest while closest friends of my life, and my one longest pal were and have been engineers. I seemed bent toward jacking around with some good or bad, stupid or bright contraption most of my life. Wow...if there is anything I reflected in everything across the board...has been a person not embarrassed enough to refrain from making a written, talking, acting, doing -- foolish spectical. Laughing...what a "Wonderful Life"?

I love this season of the year...Christmas time. Reminds me of the grand feeling felt when a wild bird will occassionally land on me, or a hummingbird will let me touch them. That feels so good; the same as Christmas time. My favorite music radio station (96.3) will begin Christmas tunes uninterrupted -- lasting for 24 hrs shortly. My most enjoyed public broadcasst of the year.

Thanks Gus for the good reading, and your representing our times skillfully. Have good life. And Merry Christmas to all.

Gus said...

You are quite welcome and thanks for your kind thoughts. When my eldest went off to college, I advised not to sit quietly in the class.

Challenge the instructors and be sure to force them to explain themselves until you understand what they are trying to say. I'm sorry to say that I did not do that and got much less out of my "higher" education.

However, my eldest did just what I advised and in so doing managed to always stand out, even in very large lecture halls and graduated Summa cum laude with a nomination for the Outstanding Graduating Senior award.

Sounds like you've got the important things in life pretty well in focus. It's pretty special when some of God's creatures take notice of and accept you.

Have a great year and I'll try to keep coming up with something interesting. Gus