Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The EHHS Social Order – 10.5 – The He-Man Women Haters’ Club – The Starting Shuffle

With a nod to the school just starting its 2nd year, in retrospect it’s fair to note the seeming maelstrom of confusing and cross-purposes start of year activities, rates a modicum of forgiveness; but, boy did EHHS come on in a rush that first few days.  It seems that we elected class officers, cheerleaders, and formed football teams within the first week, without much time to campaign or consider what we were doing or who these new people among us were. 

The result was a newly elected slate of class officers, all of them football players, who bore little resemblance to those we had been electing back at MJH and not a HJH grad among them.  Brandon and McCoy were well liked boys back at Meadowbrook but, had never been elected to anything so far as I know; and who the heck was Louis Miller?  Never heard of Louis before…a new arrival from William James JH along with 2 or 3 others, Gene Cartwright among them, I think.  Surprising election results were reflecting changes in our electorate! 

We got 2 brand new cheerleaders that we Meadowbrook kids had never seen before, and the “B” football team was immediately divided into halves…half with numbers on their jerseys, and half without.  And some of us got an introduction to a tall, somewhat scarecrow-looking coach with a mean streak, named Ron McBee.  McBee, an ex-Handley coach largely unknown to us at Meadowbrook, was in the midst of a divorce about this time that had rendered him so disagreeable that an even a temperate spirit such as Danny McCook quit the varsity basketball team in disgust…lucky us…

Handley’s Dianah Barton and Suzanne Hoffman pulled off an unexpected upset of epic proportions when they displaced our seasoned Meadowbrook cheerleader squad of Gay Burton, Celia Beall, and Julie Hudson to serve as the EHHS “B” team cheerleaders..  After drubbing the Handley pups 36-14 and winning the City Championship the season before, we had no reason to think that there would be any significant changes to our fall football world…but there was.  Suzanne and Dianah were very successful Pups who joined Meadowbrook's Charlie Rigby and Danny Tekstar to form our Sophomore cheerleader squad, and later became our Varsity cheerleaders the following years.

So, now I had two new cheerleaders to yearn for in my rapidly approaching social life, had never seen either of them before, and it had taken nearly 2-years to get some attention from Gay’s gang…what a perplexing development that was!  And I think Suzanne came with an existing boy friend, don’t know about Dianah, and it didn’t matter in either case….still no wheels, no money, and no damned driver’s license.  What we needed was something else to soak up the down time…hmm, something like a, “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club.”

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