Saturday, March 09, 2013

Handley Junior High - Cheerleaders 1959-61

A Facebook friend loaned me her copy of a 1960 Handley JH yearbook a few weeks ago.  It has provided some additional insight into our Handley classmates' schooling before joining our Meadowbrook contingent at EHHS.

Three of these girls, Suzanne Hoffman, Dianah Barton, and Brenda Haire, went on to become EHHS varsity cheerleaders during our years there, 1960-63.  I knew all these girls at EH but didn't know that Cheryl Spain, Peggy Anthony, Sherri Rogers, and Sharon Parks had led cheers at Handley.

Like so many of us learned at EH, the larger high school student population provided more competition for about the same number of recognition opportunities.  So, having been a Junior High star wasn't always a guarantee of continued success at EH.  And each class at EH had only 2 spots available for the girls in that class to lead cheers. 

So, when Suzanne and Dianah won the Sophomore spots at EH, we may not have fully appreciated just how special they were...they had some tough competition.

The boys are Charlie Rigby and Danny Tekstar, both from Meadowbrook JH, neither of whom had ever before been a cheerleader.  All 4 of these youngsters went on to be our Class of 1963 varsity cheerleaders during our Junior and Senior years.  Personality-wise, I recall Charlie and Suzanne as being vivacious extroverts, while Dianah and Danny were more reserved.

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