Saturday, March 16, 2013

Handley High School Scrapbook

This post will illustrate some of the images of the Handley High School campus over the years it was in service before EHHS.  They come from a fine collection of early Handley yearbooks gathered together for viewing and download on the fine 1959 Handley reunion site kept by David McConnell. 

A few of my EHHS classmates may have had parents that also attended this school. Let me know who they were. Dona B's Daddy graduated from here in 1937, went off to WWII, then came back to teach some of us at Meadowbrook Elementary. 

Miss O'Dell was a fixture in this building for many years before we encountered her at EH. 

Ted Harris' dad was a long serving teacher and administrator here, too. 40% of our first coaches came from here, and some of our most influential teachers also hailed from Handley.

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