Sunday, August 14, 2011

Self Esteem & the FBG

There's been some turnover on the "team" and on a somewhat related matter, Dilbert has an observation:



Jim said...

BINGO.... that nail got hit right on the head. Dilbert is more right than wrong on life in America.

Gus said...

Scott Adams got started with this strip about 1995-96 and used it to lampoon corporate nuttiness he was noticing in his position with (I think, Pacific Bell). The outfit I was with was old school, but we were noticing the introduction of a lot of new lingo into dally business. This roughly coincided with the wider availability of the Internet and Windows 95...words like branding, functionality, supply chain management, going forward, etc. When we sold out about 2000, the new management team came aboard from a large conglomerate and with them came the lingo and the nuttiness lampooned by Dilbert. From my close observation of a New Wave management, Dilbert might as well be a script for their daily routines. Much of what I saw is the topic of Dilbert's strip. What they lack in ability, they compensate for with arrogance and hubris. Gus