Monday, July 26, 2010

Handley High School – 1959 – Eastern Hills High School – 1961

A year after EHHS opened fall 1959, our Class of 1963 entered as sophomores. The seniors (EHHS Class of 1961) had spent one of their high school years at Handley High before it was shut down; thus, they were the last EHHS students to have also attended HHS. There was then, still a palpable presence of HHS in the new halls of EHHS. Many of our first faculty came from Handley, as did our head football coach, George Mitcham.

Color photography was still an expensive and seldom used medium in the late 1950s to mid 1960s, so it is difficult now to find many good color pictures from that time period. Accordingly, the color pictures above are quite scarce. Pictures of any period can be intriguing as they represent just a moment in time and what subject matter is captured in them is usually a matter of chance.

I like these particular pictures because they show so much, including the school name and the front entry area. It’s just by chance that I know when they were taken.


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