Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show - c.1960 - The Miniskirt c.1968

Going to school in the 1950's and early 1960's, although idyllic compared to now, also had its drawbacks. If you recall the dresses the girls wore, then you also recall that there wasn't much there to provide visual appreciation; they were still wearing pretty much what their mothers wore before WWII. For a boy to get any idea about a girl's figure required an imagination. In fact, the girls of that day were quick to remind us that leaving things to the imagination was a virtue. Well, to tell the truth, most of us didn't buy into that philosophy.

We had a couple of opportunities to appraise the female figure each year; one, was at one of the local swimming pools in summer, or water skiing if you could get your hands on a boat, and another was when the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show cranked up in February. During the stock show, girls would don blue jeans and other western-style costumes, most of which involved wearing closely fitting jeans, and for a few glorious days the scenery was much improved.

There was the downtown Ft. Worth fat stock show parade and the stock show midway to visit. And the scenery in both venues was excellent. About the 10th grade (1959-60) one of our group got the bright idea that pea shooters might be fun on the day's outing...and he was right. Among other things, we discovered that we could get a charming reaction from a girl with an attractive figure if we bounced one of those peas off her backside!

I grinned today as I recalled this little vignette of mischief past. Of course, when she snapped around to see who done it, we always hid the fact that one of us was the culprit...but I couldn't help but wonder what the result might have been if we had smiled and winked at her. Probably would have gotten slapped...but maybe not by all of them.

July 2012, a few more thoughts.  Girls' fashion began to change rapidly during the mid to late 1960s, mostly reflected by rising hemlines.  Where the hemlines since WWII had ranged from a bit below the knees to those awful 1950s hems that went down to mid-shin, by the late sixties, when we came of age and Vietnam was raging, those hems headed north...way north.  And we got the miniskirt.

The miniskirt...what a marvelous contribution to our youth culture.  If a girl had the legs and figure for it, she could rule the room, the lobby, the sidewalks, the airport, campus, classes, restaurants, offices...well, let's just say that it was a breath of fresh-air.  For everyone.  And a great opportunity to flirt.

Je remercie le bon dieu de jolies filles


Anonymous said...

Hey Gus :-)

I remember Mrs. Carroll one day in Geometry redirecting students to their tasks after a miniskirted distraction:

"*Adair*, if you would please move your *legs* back under your desk, *Anderson* might be able to do his work!"

We all cracked up, of course, including Lu Ann Adair and Reggie Anderson.


Gus said...

I was flying on business during the early 1970s while flight attendants were wearing the short skirts. Of course keeping those skirts "decent" appeared to be an ongoing challenge for the girls and observing their techniques for doing so was often entertaining. One thing they couldn't avoid was having to assist a passenger in any way they could. I often forgot to stow everything in the overhead and asked one of the young ladies to help me. Well, you know what happened with those skirts when her arms went did the skirt ! By my second or even third call for "assistance" she had my act nailed and as she put the thing up, she dropped her head to scowl at me, eye to eye ! Sometimes things worked out pretty good...sometimes not. Yeah, I'm laughing.