Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Same Theater, but We Saw Different Films (+ some Facebook)

For those of you who haven't made a venture into Facebook on account of no time, being fearful of it, not enough tech savvy to consider it, concern for your privacy, etc., let me assure're right !!  On all of it.

However, done right in a way that suits you, it can be a remarkable tool and a frequent kick.  There are a lot of talented people in there.

Of course, Gus is probably freer than most to ramble around since he's well, you know.  Most folks have either come to grips with it or have tuned ol' Gus out...and what does Gus say to that?  Yep, that's fine with him.

Lefties have the most problem with him since he has, as my friend Kendall likes to say, "Republican tendencies."  Actually he's not so much Republican as he is Conservative.  I think having to go off and fight in a war somewhere tends to do that to most participants, though not all.

I use Facebook to make connections with others I either knew or who traveled some of the same pathways as mine.  One of my fine early friends recently described comparing recollections as like having gone to the same theater but seeing different films...a perfect comment on the matter of crowd recollecting.  That's the kind of thing I find fascinating.

In Facebook, Gus tends to be pretty flippant but, always receptive to serious (& confidential) conversation, and always willing to meet a challenge as well as exchange a kind thought. Most challenges come from those who don't think my way that I routinely agitate by posting memes of a conservative some of these:


A PC free zone


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kendall knows that the first Democrats in the United States were called Republicans. It's kind of scary that our Constitutional forebears had "Republican tendencies". But then Kendall would probably not want to go that far back or that deep into history; it might risk a change in some of his attitudes. Best to stick to the Roosevelt New Deal. Are you still out there, Kendall?

Gus said...

I'd like to see Kendall come out and play in here sometime. He could make a number of interesting contributions to this review as both he and Danny were active participants in a lot of the goings on then. Danny was a significant early contributor to the blog and I very much valued his friendship. When Kendall turned communist, I don't know...we didn't talk any politics back then but, since we ran with the same crew much of the time I came to know him very well, at least in his age 13-18 configuration. He was always raspy, opinionated, fun, and multi-talented. Not a genius, mind you but, he held his own pretty well.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, the politics of Danny and Kendall were similar, but Kendall was more pugnacious in expressing them. The portrayal you've done of Kendall shows him to be a character that would liven up this blog site.