Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Date Doin's (circa 1939)

Joined a Dallas history group this evening to see if I could learn anything about the Dallas my grandparents inhabited from about 1890 - 1955.  Should be enlightening.  First thing I found of interest are these pages from a booklet printed about 1939-40 which were found in a parent's scrapbook.  Apparently a product of clubs from a couple Dallas High Schools, they present a fascinating glimpse of the social etiquette suggested to teenagers of that day.

A lot of the terminology sounds familiar to the advice I was given by my mother during my formative years just before trying it out on you Meadowbrook and Eastern Hills girls.  Note the advice involving streetcars and cigarettes--priceless.

No wonder some of us were up tight...look at all the advice to remember when all you really wanted to do is ....well, find some good fries, a coke and maybe some laughs.



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