Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best & Worst Dates

Now and then someone on Facebook will pose an interesting question such as today.  It was, What was the single best date you had in high school, and what was the single worst date you had?

My worst didn't take much thought, but my best escaped me for a few minutes, then returned.

Gus:  Hard to recall the best...guess I was lucky, they were all mostly very good. However, I did have a 90-second date that might qualify for the worst, if it had lasted any longer. In the days of bench front seats, it was kind of standard for your date to slide over right next to you. No seat belts in those days....horrors ! But it was nice to have her close and served as an early indicator of her mood. One sorority girl, a blind date I think, got in and pasted herself hard against the passenger side door as far away as she could get. I swear she must have had red imprints from the window and door knobs digging into her side ! By the first stop sign, she had not uttered a word. I made a right turn, followed by three more and delivered her back to the front door of the sorority house where I had picked her up....90-seconds earlier! "Let's not waste any more of each other's time," I say, and that was that.

Gus later:  Hold on, I do recall the best. A blind date lined up by a girl I had been dating, but she found me too "practical" for her taste; she, being someone who liked to party, sometimes with her drawers on her head...we were a little older by then. So, I go to the new girl's apartment to pick her up, the door cracks open just a bit, and I see two of the largest, brightest eyes I've ever seen peeking around from behind the door. Then, a blue furry hand puppet peers around the door, its large eyes joining hers. It was Grover. We were married a month see, I had a Cookie Monster puppet on my hand behind my back. That date has lasted 36-years now.


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