Monday, September 10, 2012

1962 Eastern Hills 8 - Paschal 7 Pre-Game

Pre-game clippings from both Ft. Worth papers; the Star-Telegram and the Press.  We had a couple of writers following our games, Tony Clark and Dana Campbell.  Both of them were probably in their mid to late twenties and boy could we get mad at them after reading some of their stuff.  In their world, Paschal was Ft. Worth; EHHS was a little noise out by Handley...not much to consider seriously.

These pre-game articles appear over the period of several days leading up to game day.  We got some attention to certain members of our team, but they really liked those Panthers, didn't they?

Early in the week, the coaches would pass out scouting reports for the next game.  I think Coach Willingham drew these things up, but I'm not sure if he was the only one.  As the two pages below illustrate, the information was pretty basic: Opponent's guys at each position, notes about their skills, their size; and on the next page or pages, there were diagrams of the opponents favorite plays.  Then for the rest of the week we would target our practices against those plays.

Once in the game, it was a matter of noting how big the other sonofabitch was and then challenging their best ones as soon and as firmly as possible.


As kids, we watched these articles pretty closely, saved some clippings as you can see here.  On game day, the butterflies set in.  Not too much, though...we were well coached and in great shape.  Everyone was healthy, as I recall.  Before going back to school to suit up for the game, we usually had the afternoon off to go home and relax.  Don't eat much, the coaches admonished; dry toast, some hot tea, maybe a small lean steak.  And so we did.

"Dump Paschal"

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