Friday, January 27, 2012

Booster Club Football Brochures - 1961 & 1962


Note:  I've been considering writing something of my own personal recollections about each of these guys.  However, to date I've been content to let the coaches' contemporary descriptions stand on their own.  They are accurate and objective.  If there is enough interest expressed in my personal recollections, then perhaps I will consider sharing them.  Some of them I knew quite well; others only slightly.  I recall no more, nor any less bonding as friends on those practice fields of so long ago.  For the most part, each guy pictured was intently focused on doing his very best to win a spot in the starting lineup, and thus get to play the game.  I don't think seeking glory had much to do with it; rather, it was an amazingly common interest in seeking excellence in one's own athletic performance.  When those individual goals came together as a team effort, some remarkable things could happen...and did.



These brochures show the players that the coaches had identified as their most promising prospects for the coming seasons.  Having their pictures published in one of these brochures was a substantial achievement for those pictured...there were almost as many on the "A" Teams who did not get their picture published and many of them also played a significant part in the success of the teams. 


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