Sunday, July 24, 2011

Will You Sign My Book?

Each summer the yearbooks came in and were distributed during a warm summer evening. Everyone not working out of town or vacationing came in for a couple of hours to pick up their yearbooks and have their friends sign them. It was a nice thing in those worries about some characters writing profanity or off-color remarks in your book, nor defacing pictures as happens sometimes these days.
Are you in my book? Bet you never had any notion that your words would one day be posted for others to see...all over the world. That's a good object lesson for your grandchildren in the matter of being careful what they commit to writing. Nothing to worry about here. I have no idea what I might have written in your books...if it was dumb, please forgive me....I was only 16-18 at the time, as were you.
I see some of my notable friends missing from this collection. Maybe they signed inside the book, on their pictures as some did. Otherwise, it's a neat collection of a lot of good kids.


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