Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kendall McCook & Danny McCoy

For some reason I always thought of Kendall McCook and Danny McCoy as being joined at the hip. Maybe the fact that their pictures were side-by-side in every yearbook and that they lived close to one another out near TWC contributed to that impression.

Kendall was a talented athlete who, as I recall, played basketball and baseball on the EHHS varsity teams. Not many would remember that he was also the star quarterback of the 1959 Ft. Worth championship Meadowbrook Buffalo Jr. High team. However, I think he injured his back before entering EHHS and didn’t play football after Meadowbrook. The Meadowbrook championship was a big deal since it was the first time the school, built in 1936 (23-years), had won the city crown.

In the interest of protecting folks' privacy, I generally avoid referring to anybody in the present time; however, Kendall has put himself on the net in a pretty public way. Here is a link to one of his video clips.

Danny was a smallish, wiry end on that same Meadowbrook championship team and played a couple of years at EHHS on the JV teams. His older brother, Ronnie, played on the 1958 Poly football team with Susie Waddlington's older brother, Pat, and Roby Morris' older brother, Jack.

Danny’s strongest trait was his sense of humor which was probably the sharpest in our class. I think he was the original instigator of the “MUMBLE” which was invoked during school auditorium assemblies.

Principal Roy Johnson was a favorite target of the mumble and I don’t think he ever figured it out. While Mr. Johnson was speaking from the auditorium stage, Danny would call out under his breath, “MUMBLE” and very soon most of the auditorium was in a low roar as the kids repeated…”mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble.” Mr. Johnson would stop and look over the crowd with a puzzled look.

It was a brilliant bit of harmless rebellion.

(Gus note:  I really love these two, an irascible old fart & credible Wordsmith and a first-rate humorist not too bad with the words himself.  And to have encountered them at the beginning of their run was something special.)


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