Monday, June 22, 2009

Cars – Part 3

SUV’s – Part 2. Since my last posting General Motors joined Chrysler in declaring bankruptcy. Dad always drove GM cars and wouldn’t have anything else most of his life and I bought a couple of used ones when I was still a kid. Neither of them were any damned good and I never bought another. Based on my observations while driving rented or company-supplied Chrysler cars many years ago, I never had any desire for one of their products either. So, as members of the class of the earliest Baby Boomers, I suspect that many of us made similar discoveries and reached similar decisions.

Here is a thought—GM made one of the more outrageous examples of an obnoxious “street machine” and called it a Hummer. Even though I’m approaching geezerhood in the eyes of younger people, I do recognize certain symbols of ostentatious lifestyle and a “Hummer” would be near the top of my list of such symbols. My thought: If, in the preceding posting, you accept that A is to B as C is to D is indeed true, then it must follow that E is to F as A is to B and C is to D, does it not?


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