Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Legacies & Reunions, Part 2

The desire to reunite with former classmates is similar, yet different than the pull former soldiers, or airmen, or sailors feel in wanting to associate with their old comrades in arms. While class reunions are interesting from the standpoint of comparing notes with one another as to how we’ve done in the interim between reunions, old warriors don’t compare notes in the same manner.

As classmates, we were locked in competition with each other for various recognitions and achievements. However, the old warriors generally associate for the purpose of recalling their shared time together. Dad had a good time meeting with others who had served in Eighth Air Force during WWII and they used their twilight years to learn more about the war in which they fought so long ago. When they were young, they had scant time to consider why there were there and how what they did fit into the larger whole.

It’s possible with this new technology to express complex thoughts with a few words and pictures. Once they were young…now they are old…and they still hold each other in high regard. Once, without hesitation, they trusted their lives to the others.

WWI - 94th Aero

WWII Eighth Air Force

Vietnam Recondo Team


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