Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Leo Aloysius Luebbehusen Jr.

Word has come that Leo passed away a few weeks ago after losing his struggle with cancer. Leo was a classmate for a couple of our high school years, joining our Junior class. Nevertheless, he made a favorable impression during his short tenure with us. We elected Leo "Howdy King," a member of NHS, and took him into some of our circles of friends. With his good-humored, self-effacing manner he fit in seamlessly and became one of our running mates.

Although I have no specific recollection of the event, Leo may have been one of the culprits who participated in the Roy C. Johnson portrait caper (which see)....h-m-m, Steve Means may have been another, but then again---I have no specific recollection of it myself.

Leo was a good kid…and by all accounts became a good man. God bless you, Leo.

Adios, my friend

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